Visual Assignment: Find Yourself

After I finished this I realized that I actually already had over 10 stars, but oh well, here it is. I got a little overexcited I guess!

I wanted to do this one because I’ve always loved patching together words using different letters. I had fun wandering around my house with my sister (I am home for the weekend) picking up books and magazines and searching for my name.

Putting it together was a little frustrating, I’m still trying to get the hang of GIMP. It seems to defy me even on simple tasks like cutting and pasting a few images together….I got so annoyed I just went into PowerPoint to put it together.

Sources of each letter –

C: from a Triscuit box

H: Drawn on the chalkboard by our laundry room

R: From the Metro section of the Washington Post

I: From the DVD cover of Indiana Jones (one of my favorite movies!)

S: From one of our horse magazines, Practical Horseman

T: From a book my sister is reading, Things Fall Apart

I: From the DVD cover of the movie Ice Age – Scrat is so funny

E: from the medal that my sister won at the Junior Olympics two years ago, which says FEI on it (International Equestrian Federation)


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0 Responses to Visual Assignment: Find Yourself

  1. Christie says:

    Ah that’s awesome!! So cool!

  2. Alan Levine says:

    That’s great that you made it yourself from real materials, more meaningful… so I am not going to tell you about this site