How to use a microwave

So again, in doing this project I think I benefited from hearing my classmates discuss their projects last week. This time I attempted the Vintage Educational Video project, and I chose to make the topic…using a microwave. This time around, though, I desaturated the footage first (turned it into black and white) and then applied the Aged Film effect. I’m not really sure of how much a difference it made, though. I was going to use the iMovie text tool as well, until I realized that iMovie would not allow me to put filters onto those text slides…so I went and made my own text slides again, so that I could apply the filter to them. You can’t really tell the filter is on those, either, but I still think I like making my own slides in Powerpoint better.

Again, music from Incompetech, what a fabulous site that is. This track is called “Merry Go.” I do wish I had looked into Incompetech for my Silent Bourne video…ah well, live and learn, right? Speaking of learning, now you can learn how to use a microwave!

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO- I have been microwaving the wrong way for years 😉

    Well done, very well done.