10 Seconds of Beauty

For my first video assignment, I wanted to start with a relatively easy one. This is my first time attempting any video editing, so I really wasn’t sure what to do. I muddled through iMovie, and with my professor’s help I was able to complete the 1 Second Video project. iMovie was difficult to figure out at first, but it’s actually fairly intuitive, so I think that the more I use it the easier it’ll get. I took all of the footage myself using my handy-dandy iPhone, and the music is from the soundtrack to the TV show Lost.

Anyway, this project was inspired by this cool video:

So I made my own in the same vein, using ten one-second clips.

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  3. Alan Levine says:

    Sweet, that has a great flow and theme of the outdoor places you get to go. The one minor thing you might do is to open up the audio options on your sound track (the little arrow menu), and set the fade out to be manual to be say 1 second- this will fade out the music instead of having it abruptly cut.

    Glad to see you making this progress in iMovie.