Three Dog Night Ringtone!

For my last Audio Assignment, I chose to make my own ringtone, worth 2 stars. I wanted to do this one because I usually feel like the songs that I like don’t have ringtones on iTunes, or they don’t have the right part of the song as the ringtone. So now is my chance to actually make a ringtone that I like!

I decided to do “Shambala” by Three Dog Night. This was partially inspired by the fact I spent most of the afternoon sorting through old records for a volunteer activity, and Three Dog Night albums popped up multiple times. I also wanted to do an older song that is less likely to have a ringtone already made for it (though it may, I’m really not sure). So here it is, Three Dog Night for your listening pleasure as your phone rings:


The project was pretty easy, the hardest part was deciding which part I wanted to be the ringtone! Audacity makes cutting out parts of the track very easy, though. So once I decided on my selection, I made the first couple of seconds fade in, and the last couple of seconds fade out, because I’ve noticed that most ringtones – that I’ve had at least – have that fading.

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0 Responses to Three Dog Night Ringtone!

  1. Alan Levine says:

    I would love that ring tone, Shambala is a great song (see how much Three Dog Night appears in movies